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New Blog

Hello Readers, I haven't posted on this blog in a long time and recently I have gotten back into writing, I was planning on taking more requests but I will no longer be posting them on this blog. However I have created a new blog, I decided to start fresh, I didn't want to delete this blog, nor the stories I have posted on here so ill be leaving this blog up. So if you would like to make a request please head to my new blog.
If you would like to read my new stuff or make a request please go to my new blog :
I will take request just like I do on this blog, you can now also find me on wattpad, my user name on there is AnimeMeg
Thank you for all your support and I hope to hear from you on my new blog!
Love Meg

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

One Piece Request Form

Heres the One Piece request form !!
just fill out the info below for the type of story you want and leave it in the comments below! also when  you comment please add which type of story it is, thank you :)

For lemons I will need this information : 

what you wear
if you're a pirate/marine/normal etc..
what you look like
current relationship with crush
bounty (if your a pirate)
if any  powers (ex; devil fruit, sword fighter etc.. )
what degree lemon (ex ;  sexy, cute, violent etc.)

For One Shots I will need this information :

what you wear
if you're a pirate/marine/normal etc..
what you look like
current relationship with crush
bounty (if your a pirate)
if any  powers (ex; devil fruit, sword fighter etc.. )

For baby daddies I need this information :

what you wear
if you're a pirate/marine/normal etc..
what you look like
current relationship with crush
bounty (if your a pirate)
if any  powers (ex; devil fruit, sword fighter etc.. )
if this story includes a lemon or if not
if it includes  a lemon then what degree lemon (ex ;  sexy, cute, violent etc.)
how many kids
if he stays
the kids names
and future

*** You don't need to choose a lemon degree you can leave it and I will just write it as a normal lemon ***

just leave the filled out info in the comments below !! thank you! and don't feel shy ! if you wish to request do so, you do not need to leave a name you can do it anonymously!:)

anime requests

hello my readers! I apologize to any of you that I have not done your requests, I am deeply sorry and will do them soon at the moment I have noticed that I have not gave a request form for one piece lemons, baby daddies, one shots etc. ^^" sorry ahaha....

 but I have been busy like I have said with school and hopefully some time tonight or tomorrow I will have a new post out I thinking on doing a one piece request, because I personally love that anime and if you have any ideas on who you think it might be on then comment the name bellow!! and lets see who is right!


Also if you wish to request a one piece story I will post the form to night!! so keep a look out for it and take a guess who it is! He is one of my favorite characters!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

im back!! and writing again!!!

hello my readers of my blog!

I know I haven't updated in like almost a year well i'm sorry for that, I just could never find the time to do requests :( i'm sorry but i'm back and i'm going to be posting again!!! yay!! *happy dance*
if you have anything to say about this then leave it in the comments below!!

now also if you have any ideas or questions or suggestions for things also leave that in the comments below!! but please be nice in them if its about something you don't like. I came back to my blog to find in my opinion a snarky comment on how they hate something on my blog I believe it was about how I give my reader a name in every story.

just to clear this up I give my reader a name not for all my readers (even though all of you are special to me!!) but for the reader that requested the story, that way there they feel like its their story for them. and not just for everyone. and btw to the person who posted this comment, just because you hate "all" the names I give my readers well for one I don't pick them out! and two go climb a tree please :)
i'm not mean like that if you're nice to me i'm nice back:) but if you're acting like you run my blog and can tell me what to do then, i'm a bitch:) I made this blog for people who like to request fanfics about them and a character and if they want a name in the story then that's fine by me and no one else has said anything about it until you :) thank you and from today on I will try and update a story a week until the sum then I will try and do more :)

ps I love you all!

                                                                                                                  love, meg:)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Mori lemon one shot for~ swimmer345



name: Sydney Leviticus
Age: 17
crush: Mori

what she looks like: tall, slender but really strong, light skin, blue eyes and long brown hair usually worn in a ponytail
personality: tomboy, funny, competitive, bold, cocky, clever, and gets along with most guys, but not girls.


You looked at yourself in the mirror of the swim teams locker room, sighing you started to towel dry your hair. Once it look not as damp, you combed through it before pulling it up into a tight pony tail. You dried your neck of the water droplets that were left from your hair before look at the mirror once again and walked out into the hallway of Ouran.

You closed your eyes as you walk down the empty hallway, even though it won’t be this empty for long the bell would ring soon and the teens will leave the school except for the some of the girls who will probably head to the host club..

3,2,1 you counted in your head and as soon as you said one the bell went with all of the teens filling the once empty hallway. You smirked as you looked ahead of you to see a tall boy with dark hair and a blonde asleep on his back. You made your way through the crowd to them and as you get there you see that honey  had woken up.

“HEY SYDNEY! Wanna come to the host club and eat some cake with me!?”  Honey asked as you got closer. You laugh a little at the sweet smile he gave you. 

“sure I got nothing to do to day!” you answer his question grinning, mostly you agreed so that you can spend more time with Mori. You had a slight crush on him and his… quiet attitude, along with his good looks too of course!

You smile to yourself as you walk down the hallway with them, Mori saw you smile out of the corner of his eye and then looked ahead as he kept walking.
3 days later
                You waved good bye to Honey and Mori as you went your separate ways. They had the host club and you had an after school swim practice.  The last few days were different. You smile as you walk thinking about it. But different in a good way.

                The last few days you noticed Mori staring at you more and you found yourselves bumping into each other more and more.  And your smile widened at the thought that maybe he liked you back.

                 As you walk into the girls changing room you wave at the other girls though without a smile. Even though you don’t like most of them, you found that you get along with boys more than girls. Just easier you guess. You strip down and change into your swim suit and tie your hair up tighter before walking out the door that led to the pool.

                You walk to the deeper end before diving in, you felt free when you swam as the water smoothly glided around your tall and slim body as it travelled through the water. 

                After practice you were the last to get out of the pool like usual, and everyone else was long gone, all heading back home. The school was probably empty too. You didn’t even noticed how long you stayed in the pool just for the extra time. But as you would turn to a raisin soon, you jumped out and headed to the showers.
                You reached the handle of the shower and turned it on, the water falling over your already wet figure, only this time you took off you swim suit, and just let your head rest against the shower wall. that’s when you felt it. Your eyes widened as two masculine arms wrapped themselves around your waist. You quickly turn around to come face to face with Mori..
“M-Mori?” you stuttered out of shock.

Usually your more bold and confident, but with a naked mori standing in front of you, it was just you never thought Mori would do that. As you finally look back into his eyes he leans down and kisses you.

This brought you out of shock and back into your normal nature, you wrapped your arms around his neck and you kissed back with all the passion you had in you, you felt a smirk against your lips as he wrapped one arm around your waist pulling you as close as he could get, and he push the other hand against the wall, as he kissed you deeply the water from the shower pouring over both of you.

“Mori…” you moan into the kiss as you do so he takes the chance and slips his tongue in.  he explores every inch he could of your mouth savouring the taste of it. You let out another moan as he rubs his tongue against yours, you start to trail one of your hands down his well-toned chest and soon  fingers were tracing his abs. you then got a grunt out of the hormonal adolescent, which in return you smirked at. You then felt him pull his lips away as he started to trace your jaw line with kisses. He kissed down your neck, leaving love bites everywhere he could , not letting one place be un touched.

And when he found your soft spot on your neck he smirked as you let out the moan you were trying so hard to keep in. he bit an licked and sucked that spot soon drawing blood. Which he happily licked up.

Soon he began to kiss past your collar bone to the start of your bust, where he kissed between your breast and soon took your right nipple into his mouth, biting it slightly you let out a loud moan baring  your fingers in his dark locks of wet hair. You pulled his hair and he let out a groan and then pushed you up against the wall.

You let go of his hair as you  reach down and cup his face as you pull him up to meet your lips once again before kissing down his neck, chest, and abs. as you kissed lower reaching for his now hardened member you lick around the tip slowly before licking all the way down his shaft.

“don’t tease me Sydney..” you heard him grunt out along with his groan as you started to take him into your mouth and bob your head up and down his shaft. Grinding your teeth a little as you made your way up his shaft you felt him start to pulse in your mouth as he tangles his fingers in your hair bucking his hips making you take as much of him as you can, as he starts to cum.

You heard him moan your name as he shot his yummy juices into your mouth, swallowing them then coming back up you feel him become more dominant as he gets down and hold your legs apart while you are standing  you feel him lick between your folds to your clit as he sucks on it hard.

“M-MORI!” you gasp out louder as he smirks he then starts to push his tongue into your entrance, expertly pushing in and out faster as you fell your  walls start to tighten and you feel yourself reaching your climax.
You grip is hair once again as you release into his mouth as he licks you clean he come up and looks at you before licking his lips and kissing you. you feel him lift you up and wrap your legs around his waist as you back is against the wall.

Your moaning into the kiss when you pull away and gasps as you felt his tip push into you. he lets out a growl like noise before kissing you and pulling you down onto his hard cock. You close your eyes tightly from the pain as he the pulls away kissing the tears off your face. You look into his eyes as he buries his head into your neck slowly starting to rock into you.

“ahh… moriii…. Please faster..” you moan out bending your head slightly to the side and he pulls your hips to meet his faster thrusts, grunting he starts to go harder with the loud moans of his name he wanted to hear over as many times as he could.

 You soon felt him hit a spot that made it feel ten times better and when you moaned out his name the loudest you thought he started to aim and hit that same spot over and over. He let out another growl like sound as you walls started to clamp around him and he knew that he was getting close to release soon too.  You felt a build up in the pit of your stomach as you felt him start to pulse again. You let out a moan that echoed through the shower room as you came over his member.

With a few more thrust you felt him cum as well too mixing in with yours, he slowly pulled out earning one more moan from you.  both of you panting with your head  resting on his shoulder and his against the wall behind you.
“sydeny.” You heard him say between his pants.

“y-yes” you managed out.

“I love you”


Thursday, 19 July 2012

not posting on quizilla any more... and about requsting

i have now diecided to not post any of my of my stories on here anymore if you want to request or read my stories please go to my blog. the reason for this action is because of somebody reporting half of my stuff even my request forms... like seriously? does my request form have sexual content writen in it? NO! its a request form!... this has deffently ruined my mood so i will up my mood by contuineing my requests. and Please who ever reported half my stuff please at least read it, before reporting and then maybe you will see that there was no sexual content in it i erase it on quizilla's site for people who dont want to read that! your such a flagendoddle.... whatever that is i just called you...

ANYWAYS so i started to do the request that i have :) you can still request on here or message me on quizzilla , sorry for the long wait too! but i will try and finish them all and any that people request now!~

i now have some rules with taking my requests, i hope its okay with yous ! i dont want to make you unhappy with me!  

rule 1-    if you are gonna request please fill out the form, some people will just tell me to make them one of this person and i  dont get any info from them except them telling me who their person is...

Rule 2-  Please be patient with me, i know i know im bad at being lazy ! but from now on i will try to always update! that way there you dont have to read the same stories over and over while waiting! smart plan huh?  i know right!!

Rule 3 -  the last rule ! yeah yeah i know we all hate rules.... including me.. well any ways please if your going to fill out the form in the comments of that form please make sure that the from you filled out is in the right form comments. ex; please dont put a naruto one in the ohshc comments... it gets confusing ill be reading them for OHSHC and then BAM! naruto is there lol.... not funny 

ANYWAYS i hope thats okay with you guys and if you want to ask anything about this blog, request, types of stories or my decision to stop posting on quizzila just ask in the comments below ! or if you have anything to say! even if its random you can go ahead and comment it! oh yeah and the next story to be finished is a mori lemon! just a heads up!

LOVE yous! teheheh  <3  

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hikaru and Kaoru lemon one shot for ~ kpopkorenluv


Name - Satomi Oshiro

Age - 15

Crush (s) - Hikaru and Kaoru

Family - Father, Mother, little brother, and a samoyed puppy

Family members names - Father (Shinji Oshiro), Mother (Ayame Oshiro), Brother (Takumi Oshiro), Puppy (Arashi)

What you wear - Satomi usually wear denim shorts with a shirt (or tank top if the days get really hot) when she goes out. But she also wears a skirt and a blouse too if her first option doesn't work for some reason.

Personality - loving, caring, random, smart, clever, sly

Story start

‘Haruhi…’ you thought about your childhood friend as you walked down the hallway taking in your new environment. You have recently been excepted into Ouran high school. As you walked down the hallway you felt nervous, your breath started to quicken as you made sure not to bump into someone. You needed a place to calm down.

Your eyes were searching for somewhere to  go when you spot an empty music room.. or so you thought, as you opened the door rose petals flew around you, and a group of boys stood in front of you. this didn’t really help with your nervousness either…

Quickly you were pulled out of your thoughts as one of the shorter of the boys ran up to you, gripping you in a hug.

“its you! its really you! Satomi!” the boy said while smiling at you. he defiantly looked familiar, the more you concentrated on the boy the more he didn’t look like a boy but like Haruhi!

“Haruhi? No way you’re here too?” you asked her with a smile also gracing your face along with hers.

“yes of course its me” she laughed out, you looked at her puzzled for a moment before asking the question that is on your mind.

“Haruhi, why do you look like a boy” she looked at you before telling you her story on why and how  she became a host.


Its been about 3 months now and you have become close with all the members of the host club, you always spent your free time at school with them and you even had the same class as Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru.

Out of all the boys of the host club you became closest with the twins, their mischievousness and personalities are what drawn you to them, you love watching them do there Brotherly love act and you would sometimes laugh at it.

You have come to grow a crush on them and unlucky for you that Haruhi noticed. She would bug you to tell them sometimes and you would just shrug it off. Sure you liked them but your just like a sister to them, and nothing more. That’s how you see it, and it won’t ever change.

You were the last leaving the club today as you said you would clean it up some since it’s the weekend and you have the time, so the group left you without questioning.

You sighed as you looked around at the left out tea cups and pots, along with the uneaten treats and sweets. You looked down at your uniform and went to the back room to change. When you came back out you were wearing your denim shorts and your favorite tank top.

“.. well I have to start somewhere..” you said to yourself as you started to pick up all the dishes left out.

After about a hour you finished collecting, washing and drying the dishes. You went to head back out when you noticed it was starting to get dark out and you still had to finish cleaning, that’s when you heard it.

It sounded like movement in the sitting area.. you quietly tip toed out and into the room to see no one there. You stood up straight and laughed a little to yourself.

“Its just imagination..” you say nervously to yourself and not even 5 seconds after you said that something covered your eyes and you would of screamed too but they covered you mouth and dragged you to the back. Or so you thought you didn’t exactly know where your captor was taking you.

Soon you felt yourself get seated into a chair and when you were able to open your eyes you were right they took you to the back of the room. You looked around when your eyes landed on your captor.

“you think this is funny?..”  you ask them, greatly annoyed.

“well we wanted to talk to you” 

“about something Haruhi told us”

They took turns talking like usual, you stared at them for the longest time, and you were still greatly annoyed.

“so because you wanted to talk to me you had to 1. Scare me. And 2. Kidnap me?...” you ask lowering your view from them in annoyance.

“‘yes’”  they said together.

“Hikaru, Kaoru, im gonna kill you..”  you said slightly argy with them. That’s when they both smirked, and you didn’t like it, not one bit. Soon the twins walked over to you, one on each side.

They bent forward and you felt their breath on your neck, and blushed.

“Haruhi told us”

“that you have a crush on us”

You felt their smirks in the way they spoke, then you were taken from your thoughts as you felt Hikaru kiss your neck, while Kaoru, started to kiss just below your ear. You were completely shocked at their actions, and soon without realizing it let out a loud moan.
You yet again felt their smirks on your skin this time, you then felt Hikaru leave your neck while Kaoru kept sucking on you tender flesh leaving love bites. You watched as Hikaru walked in front of you, and kissed you, you started to kiss back and that’s when Kaoru kissed your sweet spot on your neck and you moaned into the kiss.

Hikaru took this moment to slip his tongue in kissing you deeply as his tongue searched your mouth, he soon pulled away smirking even more and then you felt a pair of hands on your waist as they lifted your shirt over your head.

 as your tank was fully removed your black bra was reviled to the smirking twins, Hikaru back away and started to kiss around your neck and shoulders again while Kaoru came in front of you and started to kiss you passionately, before traveling down to your bust line and licking and kissing the exposed skin.

You moan some more as you felt Hikaru start to kiss the back of your neck while his hands moved up and down your sides before un hooking your bra. Kaoru slipped his finger under the strap of your bra and pulled it down your arms as he attacked one of your breast. You close your eyes and you let out a groan.

You couldn’t believe this was happening to you, soon you felt Hikaru leave your neck once again and you didn’t know where he went, that’s when you gasped loudly as you felt Hikaru attack your other breast biting it, and sucking it.

You felt your body temperature rising, and then you felt both pull away.

 You opened your eyes slight light when you felt yourself get picked up and softly lowered to the floor, when you looked up you see both twins had taken off their shirts and pants, leaving them in the boxers. You blushed at the sight of them as the smirk.

Soon they were back kissing you and feeling your body, as you were in the middle of a makeout with Kaoru you felt Hikaru take off your pants along with your black thong, then you felt his tongue lick up between your folds and start to suck on your clit hard and you moan into Kaoru’s mouth, gripping one of your hands into his locks of hair your other traveled down his hard chest.

When you got to his boxers you slipped your hand in side and ran you soft hand up his shaft, in doing so you heard him grunt as you then started to pump your hand up and down it. Hearing the grunts and groans from his brother Hikaru push two fingers into your entrance, you let out a moan as you break the kiss panting slightly from the pleasure of it all while still moving your hand over Kaoru you feel him start to pulse in your hand you pull it out and push down his boxers.

Sitting up you feel Hikaru pumping his fingers in and out  fast while panting slightly you move your head over to Kaoru, and lick the tip before licking up and down his shaft. He lets out a loud grunt as you star to suck on him, slightly grinding your teeth you feel him start to pulse again this time he grabs your hair as he bucks his hips slightly as you taste his seed fill your mouth.

He groans as you swallow it, while a drop of it dribbled down your chin Kaoru whipes it away and kisses you again. Your eyes then widen as you felt Hikaru enter you fully slowly pumping in and out making you moan louder while Kaoru kissed your neck. You felt you climax soon start to come as Hikaru pumps faster and deeper into you, hitting your g-spot hard. You let out a loud moan as you felt your walls close around Hikaru and hear him groaning your name while going harder than before.

You then let out a loud moan as you came along with hikaru. As he pulls out you panting as he sits behind you kissing your neck and gropping your breast. And then you gasp as you felt Kaoru enter you. you loudly moan as he pulls out and flips you on all fours entering you again before going in and out a fast pace.

Hikaru starts to kiss you and then kisses your neck you smirk and kiss his neck and down his chest to his still hard member as you take him in your mouth with Kaoru still pumping in and out harder and deeper with groans of pleasure escaping him. Along with Hikaru as you feel you start to build up again and close around Kaoru’s cock, you moan releasing onto him, he groans as you he keeps going.

Hikaru groaning along with him, with his fingers tangled in your hair you start to feel him pulse as he releases in your mouth bucking his hips as Kaoru soon releases inside you filling you. you  moan as he pulls out both falling beside you. panting and smirking at you.

“ we both like you too Satomi” Kaoru said.

“we were arguing over who would get you” Hikaru finished for his brother before both of them saying.

“‘but we like to share everything’”

“even me?” you asked smiling, happy you got them to yourself.


“even you” they smiled before both kissing your cheeks.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Kiba Lemon for cluelessxXxanime


you name it the story- Rebekah Mae
your age- 16
your crush- Kiba Inuzuka


Finally a day off. A day to relax. A day to…. Go to the beach! You thought as you, your brother, kiba, shino, Hinata, ino, Shikamaru, and choji, reached the warm sand of the beach. Grinning from ear to ear you looked for a place to put your towels, and beach equipment.

Reaching a spot that everyone agreed on, you quickly unrolled your towel, laying it out on the sand. You then looked around as you watched the boys in the water, along with Ino and Hinata. After about 15 minutes of laughing at how childish the boys act, ino had decided to look for cute boys, and your eyes were quick to land on kiba when she said cute boys. EVEN though she had a boyfriend already.

You have had a crush on kiba, no wait, you have now fallen in love with the Inuzuka and, let’s face it, you fell for his looks too! But he pays no mind at all to you, you are like invisible to him, and you can’t forget this iddy bitty detail, he now has a girlfriend. Yup, and you can probably guess who. That’s right, Ino. She just doesn’t care about him.

“oooh look at that one Mae!” you heard an all too familiar voice say, but it was like she was in a different world, as you looked at kiba and continued to rant on about ino in your head. 

“hey. Mae he’s –“ Ino couldn’t believe this, here she is trying to help Mae get her own guy, not to mention while looking for herself too, when she looks to find Mae getting googly eyed at kiba.

You didn’t hear anything on the outside of your mind, un till your head whipped to the side and a smack ran through the air. Your face stung as you turned your head to a furious Ino.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!? HUH?!  NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY TRIES TO STEAL MY MAN! I HAD HIM FIRST, YOU BITCH!” Ino screeched at you tears brimmed your eyes, not from the slap, but from everyone on the beach ; eyes staring at you, piercing through you. 

But the eyes that got the most attention from you was kiba’s.  he now knew who you were. Not only that but now he also knows that you like him. You quickly stand as Hinata tried to comfort  you. that is until you lightly push her away and took off running.

You didn’t know how long you ran for, but you soon got tired and collapsed in the sand as you watched the sun set. You waited till the last ray of the day shone past the horizon of water, before deciding to head back.
“they had to at least leave my stuff for me.” You say to yourself as you continued down the now deserted beach. As you got back from where ever you were, you see they left your towel. But someone else was there.

At first you thought of your brother, but as you got closer, you noticed it wasn’t. soon you were close enough to breath down his back. And you knew who he was, it was kiba. He was sitting on your towel.
“w-what are y-you do-doing here kiba?” you asked while looking anywhere but at him.

“I don’t know. Concerting I broke it off with ino might be why.” He explained to you as he waited for you to look at him, which you eventfully did.

“why did you do that?” you asked for some reason your shyness evaporating.
“because slapping people just because they like someone isn’t right to do.” He said to you as he stood. And got closer to you. “just saying but, I like you too.” He whispered as he tilted your head up meeting his in a kiss.

Your eyes slowly drifting closed you felt him pull away and before you could ask why, you were being dragged into the water.  Kicking and telling him to stop, was all in vain as he dropped you. as your head ducked under, you came back up gasping and yelling at him.

“KIBA!! You got me wet!” you yelled at him, while he started to smirk.

“I make you wet?” he asked as he wiggled his eyebrows. A light blush crossed your cheeks as you became shy once again and looked away. But soon felt him turn your head around and kiss you. this time pulling you into his chest, and picking you up out of the water as you wrapped your legs around him.

As the kiss got more heated you felt his tongue slide in past your lips. His tongue tasted salty from the ocean’s water, and you were guessing yours did too. Soon it became more lustful as he left your lips and headed down your neck, leaving a burning trail of hot kisses. As  the light waves crashed against kibas legs, he slowly came back up to kiss you, before walking out of the salty spray and onto the beach.

You felt your back lightly touch what you thought was probably yours and kibas towel’s. he then left your lips for the soft skin of your neck, but this time it was different, you felt you bathing suit top become lose and before you knew it, kiba had already taken it off. He stopped kissing your neck and looked up to meet your gaze.

“you know Mae, if you don’t want to do this tell me right now and I’ll stop. And I want you to tell me, because if we keep going I don’t think I will be able to stop..” he whispered while looking into your eyes. You thought for a moment before looking him dead in the eye and kissing him, with everything you had, “then don’t stop… kiba..” you whispered against his lips as you pulled back from the kiss.

He gave you a smirk as he kissed you before kissing down your neck and to your breast where he lightly flicked your right nipple with his tongue. You let out a soft moan as he then started to suck on your hard nipple. As you let out another groan you felt his hands slide up and down you sides before going down to your bottoms and lightly yanking them off.

You blushed even more than you were when you saw a bulge in kiba’s swimming trunks. Then your smirked as kiba’s started to lick kiss and suck your other breast, your hand snaked down to his bulge and as you lightly squeezed it he let out a loud groan before looking up at you.

Untying the string on his swimming shorts you let out another moan as kiba lightly bit your nipple. You started to pull his shorts off and as you did your eyes slightly grew, and kiba, unfortunately for you, notice. “like what you see?” he ask his voice husky, you swallowed before pulling your gaze from his member to him, and he was big you didn’t know how it would fit but the next thing that happened surprised you. he sat up and pulled you into his lap.

“don’t worry it will only hurt for a second…” you heard him whisper in your ear as he lifted you before bringing you down onto his hard cock as it slid into you, and as he did this you let out a scream that was soon muffled by kiba as he shoved his tongue into your mouth. As soon as you stopped and calmed down you felt him start to kiss your neck once again, but this time it felt like he was looking for something and as you let out a loud moan he smirked and started to bite and suck that area harder, and while doing so he lifted you up and brought you back down on his member as you let out a loud moan.

He pulled away from your neck as he continued to do this. He then pulled you off him and placed you on the ground. As you wrap your arms aound his neck you pulled him down as he pulled your hips up and spread you legs. As you kissed him again he rammed back into you. groaning into the kiss you felt something at the pit of your stomach start to build up. Then he hit something deep inside you, it made you go crazy, moaning even louder than before every time he hit that spot.

Then he hit it again and something snapped inside you, you fell into complete bliss as your orgasm hit you hard. And soon kiba followed you.

As you both laid there panting you looked up at the stars, you were thinking about what you did, while you didn’t know what kiba was thinking about. But you had an idea of what it could be from the smirk on his face. He then stood up and pulled you into his chest hugging you closely.

“I love you mae..” he whispered to you, as you replied. “I love you too kiba.” He then picked you up bridal style and carried you back out into the salty water of the ocean as you kissed.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Yamato Lemon Baby daddy for starbrightsmile



“catch me if you can naruto!!!” you yelled to the spiky blonde teenager. You, Kakashi and Yamato, decided to take the team to the beach for a well-earned vacation.

As you ran through the water with naruto chasing after you, you took to the hot sand running fast, that I until you ran into someone. The force of the speed you were going at causing you and the unsuspected person to fall to the ground.

Your head was spinning as you looked down to focus on the other person, to find out you ran over none other the yamato, who was blushing at your position as you sat up. You were on top of him sitting on his lap as he laid under you.

“I’m so sorry, cap-captain Yamato!” you stumble to find the right words as you jumped to your feet. You felt attracted to the handsome AMBU captain, and you would do anything to make him happy. As you thought this you watched him as he also rose to his feet.

He then looked down at you from the height difference he was of course taller. He gave you a soft smile as he said, “ it’s ok, Asami” before walking away. The sun was setting, and naruto, sakura and sai were walking up to the camp area where you were going to have a fire.

As you got there you took a seat on one of the logs around the fire ,sitting by yourself as everyone, joked and laughed.  Soon naruto was singing and everyone was laughing at him, you then decided to take a walk just to clear your mind some.

Walking away from the camp you headed to the water, where you slipped off your shoes and walked through it, feeling the coolness of it hit your feet with every step.

Soon you found yourself getting farther and farther away from the camp, “why did you walk so far away?” you heard a voice from behind you ask. As you slowly turn around you came face to face with Yamato.

“ I ahh… I just wanted to stretch my legs” you explained to him, as he walk closer you took notice that his eyes held an emotion that you never saw in them before. Coming out of your daze she looked up only to be met lip to lip with yamato as he kissed you.

Your eyes grew wide, at the passion of the kiss, but soon closed, enjoying it.
He wasn’t the one to deepen the kiss.
 No you did that.
He wasn’t the one to slip his tongue in.
No you did that too.
He also wasn’t the one stand on their toes.
No that was you.
But he was the one smiling into the kiss.

Soon the kiss got heated and you were yearning to touch his hot flesh. As you then both started to tear each other’s cloths off, he started to kiss down your neck, while gripping your breasts with his hands. Letting out moans you fell into complete bliss.

Slowly you felt his hands slip down towards your ass, before gripping it while gently laying you down in the sand covered ground.  You then gasped as you felt him slid his finger up your womanhood, and as he did so you were letting out delightful moans of pleasure.

Soon his lips reconnected with yours in a passionate kiss, which soon turned into a make out session.

And as you were in the mists of the passionate kiss, you felt something poke against your womanhood. Then you let out a loud gasp as he pushed into you, breaking the kiss to try and scream out in pain he covered them again quickly.

As he kissed you, you felt a tear leak from your tightly closed eyes. But as it rolled down your face to your chin, you felt the pain roll away as well, leaving nothing but pleasure behind.  Then, shifting your hips, you let out a loud groan.

Soon Yamato was pumping in and out of your womanhood, moaning out his name seemed to drive him crazy, as you bucked your hips to meet his thrusts. With his pleasurable groans echoing in your ears you felt him start to go at in human speeds before reaching an area deep inside you, that made your lower stomach tighten in pleasure.

Moaning as he hit the spot over and over, and with one thrust you felt the tightening feeling let go, and then the feeling of a title wave run through your body as your orgasm hit you. and him soon following as you felt his seed fill you.

The next morning you woke up on the beach when the evens from last night hit you, as you blushed furiously at the thought. You tried to get up but that’s when you realized he had his arms wrapped around you.


As you woke up you felt the blankets covering you as a heat source was there too. When you turned your head you smiled as the face of yamato’s met yours. But that smile quickly faded to a frown, you still debating on how to tell him. How to tell him that your pregnant.

That’s when you felt sick again and ran to the bath room. As you rested you head on your head  to try and clam down you let out a sigh.

“how can I tell him I’m pregnant?.. he probably doesn’t even want a child…” you say to your self as you wipe the sweat off your forehead with your hand. Before standing up and wiping off your mouth, you then looked at your self in the mirror, that’s when your eyes filled with shock. As you saw yamato’s image staring right back at yours.

“ your pregnant?” he ask in a whisper, as you turned around to meet him in the door way.

You looked down at your feet, finding them more interesting at that moment. “yeah… I’m pregnant.” You said your head still hanging. That’s when you heard footsteps leading away from the door way as your head shot up you also heard the front door open then close.

As you stood in shock a tear left your eye before another followed it. And then another, and another and soon you were crying while running to the bedroom and dove under the sheets.

And as you cried your sadness melted away and anger built up instead. If he tells you to  get rid of it or that he doesn’t want it he will never see it again.

After your break down you left your bedroom to go to your kitchen, as you sat at the table you looked around for something to eat when your door opened. Yamato stood there looking at you, you stared right back at him.

You soon stood and walked over to talk to him.  “why did you come back? I thought you don’t want it?” you said a little colder then what you meant.

“I never said I don’t want the child, I needed to think.” He says as he walked closer to you, and before you knew it he pulled you into a passionate kiss.


“Anako! Kusho ! come and eat.” You yelled to your children as your 6 year old daughter came running from around the corner followed by a 3 year old trying to keep up.

“is daddy going to be home for dinner” ask Anako as she got up into her chair.

“of course I will be.” You heard someone say while walking into the kitchen. Your childerens faces lit up with smiles as their father came in. Anako is like the spitting image of her father, while her brother, Kusho get his looks from you. which you were pretty happy about.

As you and your family ate you smiled to yourself. You couldn’t of had it any better, with you loving husband and the smiling faces of your children. You thought about this as you ate and came to a conclusion, you can’t get a better family…

Friday, 2 September 2011

OHSHC Request forms

Hello! So I will be taking requests for OHSHC, SO… you will be able to requests; lemons, one shots, or baby daddies! You can also request, one shots with lemons or baby daddies with lemons!
if you want to request one send me a message on quizilla or leave the form filled out in the comments below!!

So i’ll info for lemons are!(also you can be with more than one person in your lemon!)  :
               Crush (s)
                Family members names
                What you wear
                What you look like
For one shots I’ll need!:
                Family members names
                What you wear
                What you look like

For baby daddies I’ll need :
                Family members names
                What you wear
                What you look like
                How many kids you want
                Kid (s) names
                If he stays with you